Chuck is one of the main characters and main protagonists of the Mario and Plush Friends series. He Is part of the Angry Birds flock. He is energetic, funny, goofy, clumsy, carefree, somewhat dumb, somewhat smart, and crazy. He is also serious, but he Is less likely to be like that. Sometimes, he prefers to be called, "Thunder Chuck" (Despite his fear of thunder and lightning). He is friends with everyone, espicially Luigi and the Angry Birds, but he can also be enemies with the gang, especially Red, Mario, Matilda, and Pingu. He shares some similirities with Luigi. They're both scared of thunder and lightning, they hate the Pigs, Bowser and other antagonists of the Mario and Plush Friends series, and they both love pizza. He likes his friends, pizza (which was said earlier ago), and hanging with Luigi and Bomb. He doesn't like taking orders from anyone, Matilda teling him what to do, and someone changing topics while having a conversation.

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